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Glassouse Head Mouse

Headmouse which works across All Windows, Android, Linux, Mac platforms, Smart TVs and is compatible with mobile systems.



Product Description

Glassouse is the newest headmouse to enter the market. Developed by Mehmet Turker and his team, for a friend with a spinal injury, the Glassouse unit aims to bring affordable head mouse support to the market.

Features of the Glassouse:

Smart Battery

Enters sleep mode and wakes quickly.

Sensitivity Adjustment

3 Progressive hardware and software sensitivity settings.

Quick Response Time

Less than 1 second per character writing speed.

Wide Viewing Angle

9 Axis gyroscope sensor.

Ergonomic & lightweight

The Glassouse unit weighs 50 grams.

Anticarcinogenic & hygienic

Hygienic mouthpiece which is CE and Rohs compliant, manufactured from non-carcinogenic materials.

High Compatibility

All Windows, Android, Linux, Mac (excluding ipads/iphones) devices, Smart TVs, and compatible with mobile systems.


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