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SimplyWorks Switch 75

The SimplyWorks Switch 75 is a small, low profile wireless switch that can be used with any of the SimplyWorks receivers to give switch, mouse, or keyboard functions.



Product Description

The SimplyWorks Switch 75 measures 75mm in diameter and is designed so that the switch will operate across the whole area, with minimal operating force.

The SimplyWorks Switch 75 is available in four bold eye catching colours, red, green, blue and yellow and is compatible with any of the SimplyWorks receiver units, whether for computer switch access or for controlling toys, games, or mains powered equipment, and even features a 10 metre operating range.

Key Features

  • Works with any SimplyWorks receiver for computer or stand-alone switch access.
  • Extremely low-profile.
  • Available in four colours (red, yellow, blue, green).
  • Switch top cannot be removed by user – prevents distraction (coloured tops can be changed only with tools).
  • 75mm operating area.
  • Low operating force.
  • 10 metre operating range.
  • Integrated LED display to allow switch function to be selected when used for computer access.
  • Automatic power saving mode – no on/off switch
  • Long battery life.


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